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Hammer Plays!


HAMMER PLAY RESULTS: 578-336 at 63%



2017 HAMMER RECORD: 120-73 at 62%

2018 HAMMER RECORD: 97-64 at 60%

2019 HAMMER RECORD: 65-41 at 61%

2020 HAMMER RECORD: 30-18 at 63%


Updated Dec 27th 2020


NBA/NCAAB Packages

+$9,450 profit last NCAAB/NBA Season

($200 Bettors)


NBA Season Pass = $699.99

NCAAB Season Pass =$599.99

Combo Package =$899.99


NCAAF/NFL Season Pass Remainder

NFL/NCAAF Playoff Combo Pass = $349.99

(Updated Dec - 27th 2020)


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